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Most Loved

I didn't really understand the purpose of "fab find" or "top ten" lists until I started following people that I actually care about on social media. Once I was engaging in posts related to natural wellness I found myself wanting to know more about what and why these people were so excited. For example, I loveeee when my nutritionist does her "Friday Faves" on instagram. I trust her with my body and nourishment so of course I want to know what kind of probiotics and skin care products she uses! That same interest lead me to think I'd like to share some of my most loved things with you!

I have compiled this list in no real order or with any theme in mind, just straight up what I've been lovin'

1. Morning meditation

The words "mindfulness" and "meditation" have been all over health and wellness blogs and for good reason! I love waking up and taking the time to be relaxed and start my day from a calm and relaxed state. I highly recommend setting aside some time as soon as you get up to feel refreshed. My personal fave meditation in the morning is Louise Hay's morning meditation which you can find on the Hay House inc. podcast.

2. My skateboard

Side story: about a year or so ago, I decided to buy a skateboard. I was very excited because since I was younger I always wanted to know how to ride and finally I was going to get one! This meant that a pre-made board was not going to happen, if I'm going to do it, I'm gonna go all out and I totally did. I spent quite a bit on choosing individual parts for my board and having the people at the shop build it for me and then I didn't use it after a couple of weeks mostly due to laziness and the Vancouver rain. This week I am staying with some family in Kelowna while on my way to Calgary and my cousin just started skating a couple days ago! He was happy to find out I had brought Jessica (my board) and has gotten me on it quite a bit. We even went to a skate park yesterday and it was so fun. Long story short, my love for Jessica has rekindled and I look forward to practicing this new skill and sport.

3. Fresh local produce

Ok, I am usually a fan of this anyways but I have to say that even though I just got here on Saturday, I am loving the Okanagan produce. Last night for dinner, we had a veggie stir fry using local garlic and carrots from my Uncle's garden and I gotta say, they were ridiculously delicious. Sometimes the taste difference doesn't come across as much but it did last night and I am all about it.

4. Sunbutter

This is something I have also loved for quite a few months now but it is sooooo worth mentioning. Sunbutter is sunflower seed butter that is free from common allergens and a beautiful substitute for nut butter in recipes. I love using it in granola, on toast, with bananas and in smoothies and cannot wait to try it as a substitute in Thai stir fries and other things. I am not sponsored by Sunbutter, just a huge fan.

5. Reading before bed

Recently I have been trying out different things to add to my nighttime routine and this is something that has stuck. I am trying to put away my electronics at least an hour before bed because it helps to unwind the mind and body. Instead of reaching for my phone to catch up on my feeds or scrolling through random websites, I have been reaching for a good book before bed. I love reading and most of my reading this past year has been for school but with this book time set aside before bed, I am able to read for pleasure and not feel like it's work or forced on me. One of my favorite reads this summer has been Saving Montgomery Sole by Mariko Tamaki as well as you Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.

Bonus love: not wearing makeup

WHAT?! Yea I said it. Those who know me might question this love, seeing as I have built up a makeup artist kit this year and have loved doing various shoots with people and creating amazing face art buut I have put my brushes down for a little bit at least, on my face. I didn't wear a lot of makeup day to day anyways but seeing my face bare and becoming comfortable with it in public has shifted some of the thoughts I have towards my appearance and my skin breathes more and breaks out less!

What are you folks into these days? Let me know in the comments!

Love and Light,


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