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Embracing Your Natural Superpower(s) and What I've Learned About Mine

Hi wonderful people,

Have you ever wanted to be a superhero?! Do you ever go to sleep and think "ok maybe tomorrow some weird science things will happen to me and I will spontaneously be able to fly"? I've been there my friend. I was there until I realized I already have a superpower and it is awesome! If you're still with me and don't think I am completely out of my tree then keep reading because this is some juicy insider stuff!

I believe that we all have things that make us unique. Qualities that maybe other people have but we do exceptionally well. Some of these could be listening, communicating, nurturing, analyzing, math, writing, you get the idea. At first glance I'm sure these seem like simple tasks that anyone could be good at but I assure you some people are experts in them and when they learn to follow them, take care of them and use them to better themselves, that is when they become superpowers! A lot of the time the superpower is aligned with our passions or something we repeatedly get told we are good at. If you feel like you don't have one, you do. It might just take a little bit of digging to tap into that.

Me and my heart glasses

Alright, so why would anyone not embrace their special quality? Possibly because they're afraid it isn't good enough or they think it's a lame power (if you read comics you'll know there are total badass heroes that think they are lame). For example, my superpower is love! My close friends and sister have always commented on how sweet I am. Constantly being told I am warm and kind and loving used to make me feel weird. I had a real fear that people thought I was weak because I am squishy. Things are changing now but for the most part we are taught that being strong meant being cold, unemotional and pushing through things. Oh and having huge biceps. On the inside I knew I was strong but being compared to all that fluffy stuff made me cringe. Eventually I found that I am just as strong as the Hulk but my strength is rooted in love instead of rage. Not many people can say that they love fully, that they continue to be warm when things get tough or that they deeply care for everything the way I do. I have learned that working against what makes me special takes precious time away from embracing and completely loving myself. Now that I see it as strong and powerful, I can use it to help myself and to help other people as well. Isn't that what this blog is about anyways?! So don't overlook anything that you may think is your power because no thing is too small or too abstract.

If you are looking to dig in and find yours here are some tips that could help:

  • Sit down with a piece of paper and write down a bunch of qualities you have. When you're done sift through them and decide on the ones that are the most prominent (try to remove your ego during this process and be honest). Once you have a couple left you will notice yourself gravitate towards one or two in particular and those are yours! Trust your gut!

  • You can try asking a friend to tell you or make lists like in the tip above but for each other! It might be a fun experiment!

  • Don't get discouraged if you still feel like you have nothing. It'll come eventually!

How you can work to embrace your superpower:

  • If you are having conflict like I did, look for the ways that your power makes you a total boss. Get yourself hyped and google some inspirational quotes relating to it. My sister and bestie send me things when they know I am having a tough time with it.

  • Practice with awareness. Sure you could be a great communicator but if you know why and how you communicate best it takes your game up a level.

  • Tell someone else what you admire about them. It's just nice to be acknowledge other people's uniqueness and letting them know.

You don't have to become completely engulfed in this concept but it is a nice thing to have for a couple reasons. It might even give you an advantage in certain situations. Are you a good communicator? Use that at work and build a great proposal! Maybe you are good with being resourceful and tons of non-profit companies need your help. Whatever the case may be you are going to rock it.

Walk into that Spotlight love because you can change the world with that!

As always if you would like some clarity send me a message or drop me a line on Instagram! I also that to say that I have really been enjoying writing these posts lately. I always do but I feel like I have dropped my expectations and worries about it being "good" and it feels sooooo good. Let me know if there is anything specific you would like me to write about soon, I love getting requests.

Last thing, would you like to have this as an e course so you can have personal guidance on your natural awesomeness?!! I would be stoked to create something like that for you!

Love and Light,


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