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Things I Want People to Know About Energy Healing

Hello sun souls,

It's no secret that I am a lover of all things woo woo, unseen, spiritual and magic. I am growing more and more open about this part of myself and feel that it is one of the nicest things about me. The things I can feel and work with are beyond me and it is very humbling. Of course not everyone knows about energy healing because they are afraid, skeptical, in denial, don't understand, or just like to throw negative poop on things.

I decided that maybe I'll clarify a few things about it so that you and the people you know can have more information about it.

Things I want you to know about energy healing:

It isn't fake. It's science!

Yes. So even your most scientific friend can believe in energy medicine! I'm not a scientist so I won't try to articulate the specifics but you can google it and find out for yourself that energy is real. Everything we are and everything around us is energy and works together to constantly create our lives and our world. There are reasons why you avoid certain people and areas, why you are able to manifest what you think and so much more.

Anything is able to heal.

Read it again. Anything is able to heal! Before you decide to send me emails asking if something is healable, my answer is yes. It does take a huge amount of faith to believe that there is a way to treat some of the most painful things we experience as human beings, and I totally get that. I still have to wrap my head around it sometimes because it's a bit shocking. When I meet with clients I always start by asking questions about their bodies, their health and whenever there is something physical, there is usually something mental and energetic as well. All the people I've seen have had some sort of anxiety. If they use the recommendations I give them and are showing up for sessions when they need them, there is a huge difference in the way they feel. I have seen videos of people being healed from cancer, autoimmune diseases, eye sight problems, stomach pains etc. It is incredible and life changing. I wouldn't say that if it weren't true. There is a growing amount of western medicine doctors who are looking into and advocating for energy healing. So, before you give up hope, give something else a try.

Not all of us are the same

No one is the same and that goes for healers too. We all have our ways of going about it that differ from one another and I encourage you to find who works for you. Someone else might have a style you don't resonate with and that's ok! There is no "wrong way" to do it (unless they make you feel tired and drained and give negative energy vibes). The same way you find a good fitting doctor or therapist is how you find out what kind of healer you prefer.

You don't have to have a certain spiritual or religious practice/belief

It does not matter what you believe, it can still work for you. I have gotten to see people with varying practices and spiritual beliefs and they have still gotten stuff out of our sessions. Energy is a universal thing and so anyone can receive it.

I think that covers the most common things that people might not know. As always I appreciate you for stopping by. Leave a comment or send me an email/ DM me if you have any other questions!

Love and Light,


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