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Sahara sitting on a skateboard and laughing. She is on a sidewalk.

Hello Gorgeous!

I am an actor, creator, shower singer, ocean obsessed, nature lover who has a genuine passion of helping others. I am also someone who has experienced anxiety and depression and while I do NOT claim to be certified in counselling, natural medicine or western medicine, I do believe that through my own experiences I have cultivated some wisdom on how to help with these things. My hope is that, if anything, Sunspot becomes a community of like-minded individuals who lift each other up and provide support and knowledge to each other.

After all, we are in this together!

Welcome to the sunspot! My name is Sahara and I'm the human behind all of this. I am an intuitive energy healer and musician. My passion is in integrating both as part of my healing practice. 

For the past 6+ years I have been studying A LOT of different things. From a little psych and English to acting for stage and screen, natural nutrition to my latest certification in basic musicianship. I've also done a lot of self study under the guidance of my personal healer and mentor. (currently studying music therapy).

It might seem like I've got some random things going on but this in combination with my personal experiences in healing my own mind and body have made me a healer unlike anyone else.


I remember giving self care advice to the colleagues I went to acting school with, feeling passionate about the energy and benefits of a balanced diet (which is different for everyone btw!), getting into my happy place with singing and finally listening to the call in my heart to give love because that's my superpower.


I have a frick load of a history, each story perfectly aligning with who I am today and what I do. My healing practice has been happening for years and through meeting with a diverse group of clients, I have really come to hone in on my skills while still learning something new every time.

All this has brought me to you! I am here to help hold you through your toughest moments and your biggest wins. Music is what allows me to do that. Every piece I create is made with the deepest intention to heal your soul and take you on a journey. 

This is also a sanctuary for those who have mental illnesses, an interest in health and wellness and anyone in between. Feel free to hang out a while, check the blog out and get to know what I'm about.

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