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A Note on Accessibility

I am trying something new here so hear me out and please be kind.

I will be offering a 50% off discount code for those who need it.

This code is for low income earners who want to heal but cannot afford the full price. The coupon applies only to one on one healing sessions and not coaching packages.

I have been there before and understand what it's like to need help healing and growing through challenges while not having the financial means to do so.

**If you are blessed with cash flow and are able to pay full price, I encourage you to not use this discount code as this is how I am giving back to the community. Mind your privilege here my friends! Plus when you pay full price you allow me to continue offering this** 

I don't know how long I will be offering this so please do not be shy and book in. The code is Energy50 and you can apply that at the checkout!

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