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Let's break it down!

We are all made of energy. Everything we interact with is energy too. This causes us to be sensitive to a lot more things in our environment than we may think. Sometimes the energy points in our bodies can become blocked by negative vibrations, experiences or thoughts. For example, have you ever spent time with someone and as soon as they leave you feel exhausted?! That tired feeling is due to your energy exchange with that person. If this happens continuously over time, your energy points hold onto these feelings and it can cause a wide range of problems from chronic illness to depression. This is where I come in. As an energy healer I am able to help find the root of the problem and work with you and your body to find a solution and get things flowing at a natural rate again. Often times people come to see me after they have already experienced symptoms, I strongly suggest coming in before that!

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Gain clarity on your deepest desires and life questions

Teen Ballet Dancer

Learn to work through depression and anxiety from someone who lives with them

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Heal on a deeper level than you have ever felt

I wouldn't share this with you unless I have experienced it myself

I love you folks and I am deeply proud of the work I put into this site and community. Everything from my blog to my Instagram is my way of serving you. I know what it's like to be unclear and in the dark parts of the human brain.

Energy healing has had a huge impact on my own healing journey and I want to share it with you!

I have been practicing for a while now and have had the most incredible experiences with my clients. I've helped them through relationships, stress, times of transition in their lives and finding their next steps.

Being an Energy Healer is one of the most blissful, divine things that I have ever done and continue to do. It constantly humbles and surprises me and most of all allows me to help people in a way I resonate with and love.


Wherever you are right now that has lead you to this page, there is a reason. Maybe you have been struggling with nightmares or stress, maybe you have something more physical going on like digestive problems or a cold that won't go away. Whatever it is that you are challenged with right now, I am here for you.

I've been there too. Healing naturally is what started the Sunspot in the first place and is what continues to keep me going. Feel free to read this post  about some of the healing I have experienced myself or this one on what energy healing is and my journey with it.

I believe in your own power to heal yourself no matter what!


What to Expect

  • A calm, judgement free environment in my home office and healing room

  • An hour long session with me

  • Personalized recommendations emailed to you after your appointment

  • Consultation on your focus for our time together

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What to Bring/ do

  • Wear comfortable clothing

  • Bring your own music if you'd like

  • drink lots of water before and after

  • It can get pretty emotional sometimes so let go of judgement or fear 

  • Stay open to the experience

  • Put your phone on silent or turn it off

Book Your Appointment

I look forward to hearing from you!


For established lightworkers need help managing their energy and learning to state boundaries without feeling guilty or worried about their client relationships.


Learn to create boundaries with clients



For  the lightworkers who feel they need to make time to replenish their energy but don't know how to find the balance, this one's for you!


Self care for lightworkers



For the total beginner or anyone in yoga, massage etc. who want to know more!


Lightwork For Beginners


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Thank you!

Sahara's inviting and warm energy instantly made me comfortable.I see Sahara when I'm imbalanced and not sure what steps I need to take next to get back on track. Her extremely intuitive nature allows her to give accurate, authentic and detailed readings. Following her advice truly helps me feel peaceful and ordered. I would recommend Sahara to anyone, every time."


-Anika S.

It's called the sunspot for a reason.Sunshine, positivity and versatility are the strengths of  Sahara. She taps in to a focused and open state that then opens you to the possibilities that may have seemed hazy before a session.Through trust and through patience, overcoming obstacles seem easier. Breakthroughs are tangible and smiles are effortless. She has a variety of tools in her belt that give her a strong grip on any problem your present to her. There are few coaches that listen, break it all down, and can provide realistic goals with real reward. I have had the pleasure to be guided by her light."

-Anonymous Client

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