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Image by Abbie Bernet
This is for you if...
  • You've been feeling disconnected lately

  • You want to find out major sources of drained energy and how to work through them

  • Taking clients has been feeling off

What You Get
  • A video series to take you through the guide

  • A workbook "guide" with prompts, tips, and information on energy depletion in lightworkers, healers, etc.

Image by Carolyn V

Here's The Thing


I see you creative, magical human. I understand feeling exhausted after seeing clients, feeling disconnected from your higher power, and not having enough energy to be the energy healer or lightworker that you truly are. It's a scary place to be in and a little isolating as well! 


You are not alone. I have talked to many lightworkers about the same problem and have experienced it for myself. It takes some navigating but you will get through this rough patch!


It's time for YOU to get in the drivers seat and put some love and care into your own energy. 


Grab this sweet video guide and start today my love.

Hey lovely human, I'm Sahara and I help lightworkers & alternative health professionals heal themselves so they can heal others. I help them grow from feeling tired and disconnected to feeling in their magic again.


I used to try to power through burnout like it was an accomplishment until I realized that it just wasn't ok anymore. Instead of having some days here and there that were difficult ( which is normal by the way), it was most days.

This was not a new state to be in. I had done it throughout school, during my side hustles and with work. I thought I had left that behind me when I started energy work but it caught up to me. There was a huge chunk of time when I wanted clients but couldn't get them and when I did I felt exhausted. My manifestation game was way off and the lightness and fun in my work was small. 


It took a while to get out of the fog but I did it. Now I get to help others with the same thing. I am passionate about opening up the conversation on things like this because most of us are kind of embarrassed to admit we need some help as healers. I got your back though and I'm here for you!





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