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Ground Yourself and Reconnect

Good morning!

I've been having to work at grounding myself more than usual today and I thought it would be good to post some tips so you too, can reconnect. I can let myself get pretty spacey and float away sometimes and this can cause me to be a little on edge, off, lazy, anxious and mixed up ( I feel that my Dosha is dominantly Vatta for those of you familiar with Ayurveda!). So of course when I feel unbalanced I work on finding the opposite feelings like peaceful, calm, warm, focused, and still.

Comfort first

The last thing I want to do when I feel like this is get dressed. There is this strong pull that says pj's or sweats but no I will not put on a bra because it's too much. I respect that. My priority becomes making sure I feel safe, comfortable and at ease so as much as I want to rush around and go out to get stuff done, today might not be the day and that is ok. As long as I remember what's best for me in the moment everything will be ok. So here I am writing this out in my pj's, a warm sweater and fuzzy socks.

Bring on the heat

I have a tendency to get cold easily. The cold in my body matches the airy energy that comes with this feeling so I know that I can work on balancing it out by seeking all things warm. Personally this is one of my favorite tips when I feel the need to come back to myself. I like to be around warm blankets, cuddle my dog, have warming food and drinks and sometimes a nice shower helps too. Think tea/coffee/hot chocolate, oatmeal with peanut butter or cinnamon.. or both, soup and pasta! Hello comfort food, I love you.

Take it easy

Like I said before this can cause some mixed feelings. I feel like sitting around all day but I also want to get up and go. My number one remedy is to take it one step at a time and be patient. I went with a gentle morning yoga practice that helped me start the day with ease. If you feel the need to stay inside today and take care of yourself that way then honor that. You know yourself and what you want. There is no use in getting mad at yourself for needing a time out or for not following the intended plans of the day. Let them go and trust your feelings. Be kind and do what you need to feel good.

If you want more suggestions or want to share your grounding tips, drop em in the comments!

Love and Light,


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