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Fitness For Fun

Hi there,

trust me when I say the title of this post is not a joke, ok? Let me explain, I have found that most of the time I have two fitness moods, hardcore or nope. Being active is something that has been a big part of my life for a while now. From wrestling to weightlifting to yoga, I've been absolutely hooked. These things happen in spurts for me though, albeit they are long spurts but somewhere along the road I lose interest, don't make time or straight up feel way too tired to drag my butt to move and then I feel guilty for not keeping up with it. However I know that it is essential for us as humans to at least have a base level of physical activity each day. Knowing this I have started to think of fitness in a different light. Instead of using measurements of how much muscle I have put on, counting how many days I make it to my mat and forcing myself to do things I have shifted into thinking why I did all these things in the first place- because they're fun!

I loved weight training because my trainer made it awesome. We didn't get caught up in anything but making a game out of it and celebrating the progressions. Hopping on my mat meant I could workout and clear my mind and wrestling was basically getting to fight without actually hurting anyone. That was it. No numbers, no worries. Once I realized this I felt free. Like I could choose so many more things to do that would make me move. If you hate exercise or are looking to switch up your workouts then these ideas are for you my friend.

workout to help mental health

A list of awesome ways to move your body:


It doesn't have to be for miles or a long period of time and it certainly does not have to be boring! Sometimes the most clarity I have experienced has come to me while taking a stroll with my dog. Choose to walk on different paths or in places you haven't been before to keep yourself interested. It's an added bonus if you take your fur friend or another person for some company or perhaps you prefer to go solo in which case you can try some music or a walking meditation now and again to keep it changing.

Take a hike

Hiking is an amazing activity for so many reasons. You get your sweat on, connect with nature, breathe fresh air and you can decide the pace at which you move. There's nothing quite like being surrounded by trees and water and stopping for snacks along the way. You can eat and exercise and eat more!!! That's gold people. I don't have fancy hiking gear because I usually stick to beginner trails and they are still gorgeous so no need to splurge right away. Some of my plans for future hikes include going to watch the sunset/rise, having a giant picnic and swimming in a beautiful waterfall like a mermaid. Now that is bliss.

Shake it out

Who doesn't love spontaneous dance parties?!! Turn up the tunes and wiggle it out. I find that this is like physical therapy almost because so many senses are engaged. Dancing is also possible almost anywhere, at the park with friends, in a studio taking classes, on a night out or on a night in with your most comfortable pj's on. You don't even have to leave the house for this one and it makes you feel so good after. I especially like this when I have been feeling stressed out because I pick a playlist that boosts confidence (hello Beyonce and Shakira) and start wildly moving and before I know it the stress is dissolving and I have a totally new energy. I've mentioned this on my insta stories but for those of you who don't know, my latest dance workouts are from The Fitness Marshall and you kind find the videos here. I am in love.

Get bendy

I loveee yoga. I don't use yoga to tighten my body as much as I use it to release my mind but there are all kinds of yoga for all levels. Feel like getting some good energy flowing? Try a Vinyasa flow. Want to recover from a workout or do something softer? Yin feels great and of course there are many more styles to fit your needs/wants. Let the practice change with the day. Let yourself learn how your body and mind connect during this time and watch as you become invested, you won't even notice how long it has been since you started. If I am not feeling going to my studio then I practice outside with a podcast or I'll do it at home on YouTube!! So not wanting to leave isn't an excuse ;) Click here for my go to at home practices!

Dare to venture outside of routine

What this post is really about is taking your routine and adding something new to keep it fresh. Maybe there is something you have always wanted to try but haven't given yourself a good enough reason to actually take action. Your body is important and that is all the reason you need!! So go out and take Pilates or aerial yoga, heck go ahead and put yourself in circus fitness classes because they exist! See what you like best and keep whatever makes you feel good.

I want to try kickboxing, tantra fitness, and more dancing! What are you going to try next? Keep me posted in the comments.

Love and Light,


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