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Picking Myself up Again, oh and I'm Back!


What a time I tell ya! I want to start today's post by saying I am so sorry for being away for so long. Those of you following me on social media may already know but for the rest of you, I can explain. Long story short, my laptop died completely and I went through many processes with hard drives and such to get allllll my things safe and backed up. I definitely recommend and external drive/memory thing for anyone who's life is on their computer.. like mine is. The good news is I am back on board and going to do my best to keep it this way.

A lot has happened since my last post but right now I want to focus on what happened in that space. Without a laptop was fine for a week...when it went past that I started to struggle with feeling purpose, motivation, connection and overall my health. It's safe to say for pretty much the rest of January I started out very strong with my 2018 intentions and then crashed. Everything blurred. It felt like I didn't need my bedtime routine or to go outside or talk to anyone. Most of my time was spent watching Netflix. There is nothing wrong with watching Netflix but I was not doing well emotionally. I could tell my mental health was not ok but at the same time I didn't know what to do about it. Turns out all of the things I was avoiding were the things that would help get me back to being mentally fit. What a concept right?!

So what changed? A combination of things started my shift back to health. The biggest of things being asking for help. I KNOW! I talk about this all the time. There is no shame in asking for help but personally it is something I am learning to do and practicing. My mom and step dad went to Mexico earlier this month and I was scared. My mental health was in a darker place and I wasn't quite sure how I would be without the extra humans. I decided I needed some safety nets and people to check in on me. I have the two best friends in the world so I started there. One of them assured me she would check in, text, call and told me I would be ok and gave me a lot of amazing love and positive words. The other one came over a day or so before they left and we had a talk about what's been going on for me. After hours of diving deep into how I felt lost with my physical health, we stumbled upon the idea of fun. Maybe what I needed was to add fun back into the mixture and let the rest flow with it. At my core I am not this overly serious, sad, anxious being, no, no. I am free, happy, vibrant, connected and I think I'm funny.

Sahara and tall grass

My goal now is not to look at the challenges I have as limitations, they are only challenges. My goal right now is to have fun and to play. The last few weeks have been filled with getting back to my bedtime routine, hanging out with the people I love, reintroducing movement to my days, staying connected, taking more epsom salt baths, knowing when I need to step away from social media, and as always learning to ride the waves as they come.

There is my little recap for you! If you have any questions or want to share your experiences with me I would love to hear.

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Love and Light,


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