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The Art of Patience And Divine Timing

Hi love,

if you are into some "woo-woo", magic, spiritual, manifestation jazz this post is for you! To everyone else, you are welcome to stay and read anyways! I mean patience is really for everyone. Tons of us are always rushing things, always on the go and I wanted to talk about how pausing and holding for that extra minute could be just long enough to experience something truly wonderful.

I am a very patient person in my daily life. I don't feel agitated in line-ups and waiting for people doesn't bother me at all. I have always been the one to sit things out and ride the waves. Whenever I manifest or meditate on something I really want, I put all my belief into it. However, lately I feel like I have reached a different level of learning to be patient for something more long term. There is one particular thing that I think about on a daily basis. I started holding this thought with a lot of confidence and because I was feeling so good about it, I wasn't worried. Weeks went by, I still wasn't worried because I kept assuring myself "it'll happen, you will see this". A month has gone by and in the last two weeks I have been in and out of doubt. The thought starts with me second guessing the universe and the next moment I am coming to my own rescue saying "nope. It will happen. Don't even stress". The whole thing has made me antsy because I want this so bad! So I asked for a sign and I got it. I got it three times! I started to feel scared though because what if I was just making it up and those weren't actually a sign?!

Fast forward to the other day when I was leaving my house to go meet a friend at the university. I missed my first bus. Fine. I got to the bus stop and as I am waiting someone walked up to me and let me know that the bus had broken down and probably wouldn't be coming for a while. Usually I don't mind walking to the train station but I had my backpack full with a laptop, textbook and clothes as well as a bag of food. I was a little frustrated but oh well. It takes about 26-30 minutes to do the walk so as I walked I was trying to shake the negative energy around the situation and tried to ground myself in some walking meditation. As I went along the thing I have been waiting for came to my mind and I became curious about it. I got this feeling like something big related to it would happen soon. Finally I made it to the station as I was inspecting the situation and then I let it go.

My friend and I met up at the cafeteria and she had just run into and ex so of course we were invested in that whole thing. As we are sitting there talking about the encounter, the person I have been waiting to see walked in our direction! They passed and the two of us freaked out. Talk about divine timing! To recap I was supposed to be at the school at 7:30 pm but because of the bus thing I didn't get there until 8:30 pm. No one else was around, the university is kind of dead at that time and all the food places were closing but this person was there at that exact time. If I hadn't been late then I would have never seen them and I would still be questioning the whole thing but no. I trust. I mean talk about divine timing right?!!

This situation may not sound like something amazing to you but I swear that this crossing of paths was not a coincidence. I have intentionally left out the specifics to protect the privacy of myself and other but I wanted to share this because I know that there are others out there in a similar place. Have faith my friend and your manifesting/prayers/intentions/mantras will come to you! It can feel like defeat when we aren't seeing results right away but like everything else, the journey is not always linear or clear but the end result is the same. 100000% go ahead and believe that whatever you want to attract will come to you. It just might happen in a different way! As with many other things, patience requires patience with yourself. We got this!

If you have made it this far and don't think I am a voodoo master witch sorcerer, thank you. My goal is to give you that extra boost of belief and faith in whatever you practice. I hope this week has been so good to you!

Should I get Twitter? I don't even know how to do that but I will for you! Have an idea for next week? Tellll meeeeeee <3

Love and Light,


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