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Spring Cleaning Your Mind

Hello shiny people!

It seems that every winter I have gone through the same pattern of taking time off from the blog, and that's ok! I just wasn't feeling it you know? I was tired, had the winter time sadness and a bunch of other stuff going on. I can't promise any consistency right now because I am going through a shift in finding out what better suits all of you!! The Sunspot will stay alive, I just don't know when or how often. I hope you'll stick around for the ride though because I have a lot of super exciting things coming up.

You may have seen my latest posts on Facebook and Instagram talking about Spring cleaning your mind. It's so important!! As an Energy Healer I know that keeping my head tidy also keeps my space tidy. This has been the theme of everything I am doing at home right now. Working on my mental clarity and at the same time taking EVERYTHING out of the closets, storage spaces, bedrooms and deciding whether or not my physical items are supporting me anymore.

I've left some short and sweet ideas on cleaning the mind on my social media but here they are in more detail:

Light Palo Santo/ Sage

I love both of these super effective smudging tools to refresh my space. We carry so much of the energy we interact with in a day it's wild! That energy can weigh us down though so it's helpful to have things like this where you can light them, wave them around your space and your body while making an intention in your head to clear out any of the yucky energy you may be walking around with. I do this before every client that I see so that everything can start on new grounds. You can find them in crystal shops, health food stores, most holistic medicine shops and actually, if you feel really Earthy you can grow and dry the Sage yourself!!!

Take Time to Journal

Maybe you already have a journal practice and that is awesome!! If you don't, why not try? Cut out some time to write down thoughts and patterns you no longe need. Focus on quieting things like self doubt, mean comments about your body, and replacing them with more positive words and affirmations. I am in love with affirmations. They are the most common recommendation I make to my clients and one of my favourite self healing tools. Writing out what has you stuck or feeling less than good is a great way to catch yourself in a pattern that isn't healthy. You can even get yourself a new journal to mark the occasion!

Pick up Your Meditation/ Prayer Habit Again

I get it, sometimes things get busy and overwhelming and you drop these habits or maybe you haven't tried them yet. There is a wonderful amount of scientific evidence that states how good meditation is for the human brain and body. Meditation or prayer doesn't have to be in a still seated position ( although, that's my fave way because it calms the squirrel brain), it can be a solo walk through nature, swimming, yoga, dance, whatever it is that makes you feel connected and brings you into the present moment. If you are struggling for time you can even meditate in the shower or while cooking. Try different things and see what works for you!

Forgive Yourself for Something in Your Past.... and Celebrate it!

Everyone has things that they get down on themselves for. This Spring forgive yourself and decide to not let your past actions determine your present ones. We don't want to judge others for their mistakes so we don't have to judge ourselves either. Make it a whole thing if you want! Some of my ways of forgiving myself are writing letters to myself, stating it during meditation, Telling myself that . I love all my qualities, rituals, make it fun! After you finish make sure to celebrate! Tell someone who loves you that you have let go of something in your past, treat yourself, thank yourself and don't feel guilty because it's hard work.

The seasons are something our bodies naturally change with and that's incredible and also hard some days. Be kind to yourself and know that whatever comes up during this time is for your highest good.

If you want to see more things about my daily life head over to my Instagram @the.sunspot and The Sunspot Group on Facebook where I post little tidbits of this stuff.

want to find out ore about Energy Healing but you're scared? Don't sweat it! Head over to the Contact Me page or Book an appointment with me here on the blog <3

Love and Light,


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