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Ways to Raise Your Vibration That Benefit Your Relationship

Hi friends!!!

I am so happy to be here again with some sweet ways that expand your energy and help create a healthy relationship. If you're single that's no problemo, these benefit all kinds of relationships from work to friendships and of course with yourself! What does it mean to "raise your vibration"? We are all energetic beings and quite literally, when people say things like "high vibe", "good vibes", "don't kill my vibe" etc. they are talking about their energetic frequency, usually without really knowing it. Something that is low vibe is something that vibrates at a lower frequency which can get people stuck and feeling gross. For example, wearing something that makes you feel unattractive has a low vibration and has a negative impact on your mind and the way you think about yourself and if you wear something that makes you feel confident and beautiful, you feel high vibe. You feel good and positive about yourself so that choice is creating a better effect on your energy and mood. The same thing applies to pretty much everything. High vibrating people attract more love, health, prosperity and all the good stuff because they are on the same level as it.

Now for some of my favourite ways to raise vibes that make relationships much sweeter:

Meditation or any spiritual practice you may have

This is so important! Regardless of what you practice or believe, I think that there is something magic that happens when people in a relationship work on theirselves in this way. My partner and I have some spiritual practices in common but make time to do things separately as well and it is amazing. We both meditate at different times of the day and usually in different ways but afterwards we are more calm, aware and kind with each other. This is absolutely perfect for when you have a disagreement and bonus is that we can tell each other about our little discoveries afterwards.

Develop a self love practice

It's pretty natural that we are attracted to people who feel good about themselves so of course when we feel good people are attracted to us. Take the time to tell yourself " I love you" in the mirror. Count the ways you love your body or do something that makes you feel loving towards yourself. I know that it isn't always easy or perfect but it is worth the effort. Remember that this brings a loving energy to you and that is the best of gifts. Something I've been loving lately is putting coconut oil all over and admiring how soft and lovely I feel. I don't know what it is but seeing my skin look shiny and stuff makes me feel beautiful.

Go on a date... Solo!

I am all about this! Rediscover how fun you are and enjoy being in your own company. This is probably one of my top tips because I think that creating healthy space between you and your partner(s) is awesome. It doesn't have to be anything fancy either. I have learned to loveeee shopping on my own. I usually go with a target item in mind and then I take my time getting it. I look around, try things on and have the opportunity to be really present with myself and also the store I'm in. I also love it because when I'm done, I get to come home to my partner and show them what I got and tell them about my day and hear about how cute my new things are!

What is your favourite way to raise your vibe and which one of these do you want to try? Let me know in the comments or send me something on Instagram @the.sunspot

Love and Light,


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