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What it Means to be Unapologetically Yourself

Hi friend,

At the time you're reading this my new service will have launched already and I am SO EXCITED for that!!!! If you're unsure what I am talking about you will find out. I have launched a new service called "Unapologetically You". It's a relationship mentoring program that helps people connect with themselves and in turn, helping them connect in other parts of their life such as their romantic, platonic, work etc. relationships. The focus is working on an individual level and doing things like working on self esteem, attracting unaligned people, tackling self limiting beliefs and learning to step into your own light. I am absolutely in love with it. I think it's something that a lot of people have a hard time with and helping them brings joy to my soul.

The title itself is really special to me. Being who I am ( a queer, woman identifying, weird, energy healer) isn't always easy to own completely. Society has conditioned people like or similar to myself to apologize for just being who we are. Think about how often you hear someone who identifies as female apologize. I'm not talking about when they are being hurtful I am talking about for everything. In a store when we want to reach to a shelf someone else is staring at "I'm sorry I need this ketchup". When we are walking on the sidewalk and the person walking towards us doesn't move out of the way, we move out of the way and say a mumbled "sorry". When we feel sick or tired or anything really "I'm sorry". The thing is, we have nothing to apologize for. Logically break that stuff down. Why would I apologize for needing to get ketchup? For someone else deciding to walk over me? For being human and experiencing some unpleasant things sometimes? We don't need to. We are worthy of the space we occupy. What we are saying to the world when we apologize for these things is "I'm sorry for being myself". What the heck kind of crap is that? There is nothing wrong with you! So that is why I am helping people work towards being unapologetically themselves. Because we are all beautiful no matter how different we may be.

I encourage all of you to notice these things about yourself. Once you are aware of the parts of yourself you think need to be different or hidden or apologized for, then you can start being curious about why you think those thoughts, where they came from and if they are yours and if you want to continue with those ideas about yourself. Bring that awareness to your smaller day to day activities and become an observer of your actions. There are a lot we do that we don't recognize all the time. I promise that you are beautiful, whole and complete exactly the way you are. Be patient and be kind with yourself.

If you are curious about how to be one of the first people to try my new service Unapologetically You, please contact me, send me a DM or an email and I will give you all the information from there! I look forward to seeing you there <3

Love and Light,


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