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" It's called the sunspot for a reason. Sunshine, positivity, and versatility are the strengths of Sahara. She taps into a focused and open state that then opens you to the possibilities that may have seemed hazy before a session. Through trust, and through patience, overcoming obstacles seem easier. Breakthroughs are tangible and smiles are effortless. She has a variety of tools in her belt that give her a strong grip on any issue you present to her. There are few coaches that listen, break it all down, and can provide realistic goals with real reward. I have had the pleasure to be guided by her light."


Sahara's inviting and warm energy made me feel instantly comfortable. I see Sahara when I'm feeling imbalanced and not sure what steps I need to take next to get back on track. Her extremely intuitive nature allows her to give accurate, authentic, and detailed readings. Following her advice truly helps me feel peaceful and ordered. I would recommend Sahara to anyone, every time.


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