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The Sun Circle

If you are looking for a place to both share and learn what you know with other lightworkers, healers etc., this is for you!

  • 1 hr

    100 Canadian dollars

This is a gathering for lightworkers, healers and spiritual beings who want to come together and build community. 


How it's different:


I want to emphasize that we all have something to learn and something to share. This means that there are going to be specific topics we talk about each meeting and at times you will be the one imparting knowledge and other times you will be the one receiving and learning. Kind of like a classroom for spiritual practices.


It will be an open floor so if you have something to add or a question, then let's hear it!


As much as I am forming this gathering, I really just want to be here to facilitate it. Every voice deserves to be heard. Plus there are things I am curious about and want to listen to as well. So no weird hierarchy thing here.


From time to time if someone feels called to give kind of a "workshop" to the rest of the group, that would be a great way for everyone to see your area of genius and expertise and leave with something new. 


So why do this?


Well here's the deal. Finding like-minded people isn't always easy for us magical humans. Chances are you were the "weird" kid growing up and just got weirder as time went on... and now you talk to trees and people who have passed on. Just kidding. Maybe? Anyway, finding a solid group of people who understand you can be difficult. So I am making a space for that. I also think that we are never done learning, especially in terms of spirituality. Let this be your place of curiosity, rest, peace, and community! Let's support each other through this wild life.


Excited to see you & sending love,


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