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4 Ways to Let go of The Expectations of Clients And Step Into Your Worth

A Free Live Online Workshop

I'm showing you how to shift from worry, friction, and getting caught up in what your clients expect from their time with you to feeling at ease, peaceful, and empowered during your sessions.

Wednesday Aug. 26, 2020

10 AM- 11AM PST



Thursday Aug. 27, 2020

10 AM- 11AM PST



In This Workshop, You'll Learn:
  1. How to discover the "self-worth stories" that are messing with your vibe​

If you are a people pleaser and find yourself thinking " I hope they are enjoying this", or irritated thinking "ugh another person looking for a quick fix" then definitely get your booty in this workshop and figure out what stories you might be adding to this experience!

2. How to empower yourself by releasing the 3 most common blocks surrounding clients

As lightworkers we run into similar blocks, let's get you into your juicy alignment and see what that feels like for you. This practice is practical and you can start now!

3. How to approach these sessions when they happen

Are you wondering "how do I deal with people's resistance?" or "what do I do if they aren't open"? this is for you my friend.

4. The 3 things you can do to have better sessions

Hint: it's not just on a spiritual level! Come to the workshop and find out how to let this sh*t goooo!

You Gotta Come if:

  • You are a lightworker who gets caught up in the client's experience more than their healing.

  • You're a soon to be lightworker looking to establish a healthy relationship with your clients.

  • You feel annoyed when client's have their own idea of what a session should look like but you know the divine has it's own plan.

  • You are a people pleaser looking to retire and feel empowered during work

Image by engin akyurt

I have totally been there...

I have a business I love, feel empowered during work, and healthy relationships with my clients. Don't get me wrong though, it wasn't always like this.

Standing in my worth with potential clients had me so uncomfortable.

I would get emails from people asking for advice and after replying and saying "I actually have a service that helps with this" they ran for the hills! I felt so awkward and blamed myself for a missed connection.

Giving and guilt came together like a pb&j sandwich.

I felt drained all the time from giving to people and felt guilty when I set boundaries. I thought that it was a reflection of myself as a healer.

People pleasing was my default.

Whenever a client came in I would get wrapped up in thoughts of "I hope this is not going to offend them" and "This person is so resistant so maybe I'm wrong". It was a broken record of not trusting myself and worrying about their experience rather than the actually healing at hand.

Before my current situation, I was in a very low place.

I was annoyed by people asking for free services and at the same time felt like it was wrong to charge them. It was hard for me to attract people who really wanted to heal for real. I let clients drain my energy and cross my boundaries until I decided that enough was enough. These were not my people and I wanted to connect better with humans who respected me.

One of the reasons I give less of a sh*t now is because...

I stepped into my self worth and released my fear of boundaries with clients.

I know how tiring it can be to feel the pressure of client expectations and not know how to protect yourself in those situations. It takes a lot of work that most people don't know how to talk about. It's not about deflecting requests, being mean, or ignoring people. There's more to it than those stigmatizations surrounding boundaries.

I would love to help you transform your hang ups about boundaries with clients.

In this workshop let's get real about your self worth and kick the guilt way outta here!

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