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Learn to Create Boundaries With Clients

2 month private coaching package with Sahara Bridges


You'll come out of this package with new tools to manage your energy with clients, learn the steps to take in creating boundaries and ditch the guilt.

Does this sound like you?

You LOVE what you do but people seem to just ask you questions expecting to get free work or intuitive readings. Building that kind of community is awesome but it feels like that's the only reason people want to chat these days. You're a people pleaser and want to give all you can and then realize later on that your boundaries have been crossed. You know you need to set things straight but don't know how. Lastly, the thought of telling your clients your boundaries makes you cringe.

I've Been There Too

I am a total recovering people pleaser! By nature I have always been someone to give without asking for anything in return.

People who saw my posts would send me emails asking for help. Of course I gave them support and after saying "I actually have a service that would suit you" they ran for the hills! I was scared because I thought that it was unkind to tell them to pay. 

I experienced clients draining me and demanding more than I could give. I used to see this as a reflection of myself as a healer.

After a lot of painful practice and self forgiveness, I learned how to state my boundaries. I know now that there is nothing wrong with being efficient with my energy because it allows me to give more to my current clients and to myself!

The best part? I don't feels guilty anymore. I am not afraid to let go of people who don't show me respect.

I want that for you too!


Why I'm Your Perfect Teacher

Years of experience working with clients

Recovering people pleaser

As a performer I have had to become firm in standing up for myself and have helped others to do the same

By the end of this package you will have...

  • Gained tools to help you manage your energy with clients

  • Learned why it's good to have boundaries as a lightworker

  • Discovered that you are confident and capable of stating what you expect without feeling like a mean person

  • Realized one of the biggest blocks in your mindset and how you can work through it

  • Started to implement at least 3 of your non-negotiable boundaries

  • Become a more efficient healer 

How it Works

Initial consult form: Before we get into all the juicy stuff, I'll send you some questions to get us started. That way we can get more out of our time together!

Bi-weekly calls: Every second week you and I will have a call for 1 hour. These calls will take place via Skype or Zoom. During those calls we will go over a specific problem you are having and I will bring a personalized plan or recommendation. This is where I get to support you and help you learn!

Email support: You will be able to email me any questions you might have about the process or the step you are working on.

For established lightworkers who need help managing their energy and stating boundaries without feeling guilty

Learn to Create Boundaries With Clients


2 Month Package





Can't I just Google it? Why do I need a specific coaching package?

Of course you can search the internet for it but honestly, I don't know that you'll find something quite like this. There isn't a lot out there to give you tools for boundary setting that's been created by an energy healer for other lightworkers. I coach people on this because I understand our part of the client-healer relationship and I want to share the things I've learned along the way so that they are available to you before things go sideways. Our work is vulnerable and personal and I want you to feel confident in in it!

Can I get a refund?

These packages are non-refundable because I want you to commit to the results 1000%. Flakiness isn't cool unless you are a croissant. Feel free to look over the terms and conditions so that you understand.

When will I see the benefits?

That depends on you! Every person is in a different place at any given time. Some people will already have struggled with not having enough energy and not knowing how to state boundaries and others will be approaching this coaching package with the idea of gaining these tools as preventative care. Whatever situation you find yourself here for, it's important to understand that you can/will only see results when you show up and do the work. Basically the more you put into it, the better it will be.

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