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Feelin' it Friday

Oh hey!

Look at that, it's the day of the week thing again. I wasn't too sure which "F" word I wanted to use today but this FEELS good for now ;) hehehe...

It has been an enlightening week for me for sure. I have been working on feedback for the site, learning how to watermark/ how to design things and extremely basic photo editing haha so truly I am just soaking in all the knowledge and getting super excited about Sunspot. I am trying to publish the site because I can feel that it's time but I also feel myself pulling back. I get nervous as heck but also excited?! Anyways this is to say that sometimes we don't notice the amazing things that are in front of us and the opportunities we are given in each day. Let's take a moment to check in with ourselves and take some mental inventory!

What are you proud of?

From making a piece of art to showering be proud of what you have done. Start with thinking of the small things and then keep going.

I'm proud of myself for showering when I didn't feel like it

I'm proud of myself for making a nutritious and fairly well rounded meal

I'm proud of myself for going to yoga this morning and committing to it

How is your body feeling?

Maybe you slept funny or maybe you had a hardcore leg day and feeling tender. My body feels like it's been stretched really well like taffy. It also feels like I should stop staring at the computer soon? It's snack time.

What have you learned?

I love to learn but sometimes I get so involved with things that I forget to appreciate that I have learned anything at all. Knowledge is incredibly valuable. I learned to do new things on the computer thanks to a good friend of mine.

How is your mind feeling?

Gotta do both, they are one and the same. Do you feel tired, happy, surprised, angry? Let it out baby. Personally I feel productive, grateful, and emotional.

What are you bringing into next week?

Let me know if you're bringing cookies. This can be a mantra, an idea or anything that makes you feel good. Next week I would like to continue to use positive affirmations throughout the day.

What are you grateful for?

I am grateful for my friends and family

I am grateful for a home

I am grateful for the support I have

I am grateful for my body and all that it does for me

I hope this was a nice little reflection and that it filled you with love and joy. I kind of like this style of post, what about you?

Love and Light,


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