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The One Thing That Can Boost Your Mood(and it's totally free)

Hi there!

People in our modern society are commonly intrigued by free things. We have this weird attachment to money and the value we place on it. I have found that quite often there are things throughout our day to day that are supposed to enhance our lives. Make everything absolutely and completely perfect but only IF we purchase that item. What a concept am I right?! bleh. Temporary fixes will not cure, aid, cover or change our circumstances. It's so easy when feeling down to think "if only I had more, better, different" and "my life would be more fulfilling if I just had what that person has". Today I want to bring some light to one thing that has been mindshifting for me and that is gratitude. Yup. Gratitude on the daily is what has been giving me the boosts I need and love.

Fall Leaves

I will be honest, when I was introduced to gratitude journaling or reflecting on it I felt unimpressed. I had seen my favourite wellness influencers say this over and over and I would think " duh of course I'm grateful now tell me something big!". Oh how I underestimated this powerful tool. Once I finally decided to give this my full attention, things started to change. I like to list them in my head when I wake up or jot them down sometimes and I have noticed that every time I focus on this, I feel great, I don't feel sad but instead I feel blessed and super happy. Don't knock it til ya try it as some say. Below are some tips to build a gratitude practice that fits you plus some stuff I am glad to have in my life.

Size doesn't matter here

You don't have to think of the most incredible and outrageous things to feel good. It can be literally anything and everything. I actually love appreciating the overlooked things as I find they are often the most beautiful. I am grateful for the bed I sleep in, having a toilet, and tea.

You can look on the inside

Nothing is too weird or out there to be thankful for! Being grateful for feelings, for what is in your heart is just as special as anything else. I am grateful for my body, for this moment of reflection, for the feeling I get when I hear music I love.

Use it as self care

When things feel really down and you are having troubles getting out of the negative circle, interrupt your thoughts with a quick list of what you enjoy in life. It can change your moment. I am grateful for learning experiences, I am grateful for self reflection.


Sometimes it's hard to know where to start. There are days where this feels like work and I find difficulty in getting the ball rolling but no joke the more I do it, the more things I find in my world to be grateful for and that feels good.

Cherish each and every being and experience because they are making you the wonderful human you are.

Love and Light,


Ps If you want to know more about gratitude and gratitude journals, let me know! And as always any questions are wellcome here

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