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Keeping Well During the Holidays + Following my Passions

Hello babes!

I am so excited to be here on the blog. This post is filled with so much yes! You may have noticed that I have been under the radar on social media lately but I promise for good reason! I'll get to that at the end though. As much as I love them, the winter holidays can be overwhelming at times. There is lots of planning, cold and social things. I wanted to make a plan to help keep me feeling and looking my best during the busy times. Here is said plan:

Stick to my daily routine

I will be keeping to my nightly routine (read about that here) and my morning meditation all the way through. I find myself so grumpy when I skip on these daily rituals. I end up feeling off and kind of bleh. It's important to add in that sense of "normal" into your days to keep you on track. Whether that means having your morning tea and reading the newspaper or keeping up with your daily movement, keep that as part of your plans for the weeks ahead. Doing this reminds me that self care is non negotiable and it isn't! If you aren't giving to yourself, you can't fully give to another.

Ditch your expectations

Personally I am not one to get caught up in the idea of a "perfect" holiday but I know some people who do. I think we all know someone who can be a little...intense? around this time of year and that's totally ok but it is so much easier on yourself to be a little flexible. How can you enjoy time with the people around you when you are obsessing over you tree, comparing your gifts to others and scrutinizing yourself for burning some cookies? So what if you have a Charlie Brown tree or made bland hot chocolate? It's all good! We are all human and sometimes we do these things and it doesn't make us any less wonderful. Let go, breathe, let go and focus your energy on loved ones and yourself and most of all, have fun!

Have a spa night in or two...or more

This is on the list for the pure fact that I have been telling myself I will make time to do it and then I forget and get distracted. You don't have to book a treatment anywhere or spend lots of money doing this either. Google has great recipes for everything from face masks, body scrubs and hair treatments that you can make in your own kitchen! Maybe you have a sibling, spawn or a significant other that needs some extra care too! Great it's a date. For me, I will be doing this solo because I want to sing really loud to Sia and Ariana Grande's holiday tunes. To each their own right? If you try this and find any amazing recipes or music please link them in the comments so the rest of us can enjoy as well! Oh and if you wanna know some of my faves feel free to ask away.

Say 'no'

This will always be something I put on these lists and for good reason! You are not obligated to go to every single event that comes your way! It will do no good to stretch yourself thin when you are already worried about other things so don't be afraid to politely decline an invite. Your mental well being is worth everything. Even better if you combine the point above with this one! I am less likely to have FOMO if I know I am staying in to be kind to myself so get those lotions and potions ready people!!

Alright! Here is the part where I explain why I haven't been very active on social media lately.

I am a creative person. I thrive on it. Which means sometimes my new projects take over and I become so invested that I need to give them my attention. This is really awesome because it means I am active with my passions and getting ready to free them into the world. Come the new year I will be revealing what has been taking over lately and you'll get to see what is going on! My new project baby will give you folks a new way to connect with me on a more casual level! Of course I will still be posting on the blog every Thursday so keep checking back in. During the next little while I would love to hear what you want to see on the Sunspot. I love feedback and want to serve you the best I can. Come 2018 you can expect cool new content, more insta stories and more activity on the Facebook page.

Have an amazing winter holiday no matter what/if you celebrate! Oh and if you haven't, subscribe to my email list! I don't spam but I do spread love and sneak peaks to stuff.

Love and Light,


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