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My 2018 Intentions + Some Tips

Hello Sunspots!

It’s been a minute right?! I hope all of you had the most wonderful of holidays filled with love and fun. Mine was absolutely fantastic and well needed. I got to spend time with people I absolutely adore! From decorating tree ornaments to game nights to squishing my favourite humans close. Also binge watching Easy on Netflix…Anyways here I am ready to dance with 2018! I LOVE setting intentions for myself. It’s a fairly new practice that I have started in the last couple of months and I decided that making intentions for 2018 instead of “resolutions” was the way to go! I think that the word “intention” is much nicer than “resolution” I don’t know. I’ll explain them a bit and give you some starting points to making your own!

2018 intentions

1.Make my health a priority

I have been seriously focused on healing during the last 6 months of 2017 but this is something that is important for me to continue to help certain physical and mental conditions. That being said there were times during that period where I would give some of my health practices up to make things convenient for others so this year that’s not happening. I am #1 and if someone finds that inconvenient then I guess they aren’t the energy I need at this time. I work hard for my health.

2. Practice self-care every week

Truthfully I try to do this every day but what I mean is carving out larger amounts of time to really get into it. I plan to take way more Epsom salt baths (catch me in the tub on Fridays y’all! Skype date w/bubble beards anyone?!), face masks, movies and meditation!

3. Get my license

Oh my grapefruit I want to learn to drive in this snow because transit is a no go in this -30 weather! Plus I have many road trips to take soon and this is really important for me. Oh and I’ll be able to take myself to all my doctors appointments.

4. Grow my channel and the Sunspot

“Channel?! What channel?!” You may be asking. Well my dear friends my YouTube channel is officially up and running!!! I will say that it is NOT directly Sunspot related. It’s a more casual place for me to be myself and stay silly. That being said still go and check it out, you might like what’s on there. If you click my YouTube icons they will lead you directly to that channel! So yes this is extremely exciting for me and I am through the roof about it. Get ready to hear about adventures and giggle lots! As for this space, well I think it goes without saying that I LOVE each and every one of you who visit me here and show support. This is my jam! So this year I am gonna grow the Sunspot. It deserves attention and I want to build a bigger community filled with good peeps.

5. Add more socialization

I like being at home with my laptop, dog, snacks and videos BUT I do miss going out and doing these things with other people sometimes. The truth is, I have some amazing friends that I want to see. Last week I finally got to see one of my best friends for the first time in way too long and I came home that night on cloud nine. I missed her a lot!! So I’m going to be a little less flaky. However, I still recognize that I am someone who needs alone time so no, I won’t be giving that time up altogether. Just adding more positive energy.

6. Taking more supplements

I slacked on this the last little while. I went from being someone who dispensed Vitamin C and D to literally everyone to the person who buys supplements and then forgets to take them. Not good when you are trying to heal up! So I need to buy a juicer, more probiotics, and L Glutamine, aloe juice and get to work! Hello turmeric lattes! (also if you are my holistic nutritionist and you are reading this I love you and appreciate your help so much)

7. Organize a stable routine

Let me be honest pals, my routine has been all over since the holidays because there have been so many events and things to do! I have stuck to a relatively good morning and night routine but my midday stuff suffered. I just started getting my act together and now I have a bullet journal ( shout out to my aunt who is amazing and gifted me my first one ever along with the cutest pens!), I use this to plan my creative projects and life!

8. Surf Trip

This is the point on here that makes me so happy that I cry sometimes. If you don’t know already, I am in LOVE with the ocean. To say that I am obsessed is an understatement for sure. One day this idea just came to me and I have been manifesting this since. The idea is to start in Tofino and surf the coast to California. Yea it’s a big trip but it means so much to me. I need this so bad. I want to road trip the whole way, stay at cute Airbnb’s and watch the stars at night. This is also why point #3 exists. I am ready to be in full bloom and be free! Any tips for this? Let me know!

If you plan on making your own list of 2018 Intentions these are my starting points:

What have you put off?

Take your time to think about them

Write them down or make a vision board (I did both!) so you can see them every day

Be kind to yourself

Remember that YOU make the rules and no one can judge your goals

Would you like a whole post on intention setting and how I do it monthly?

Be sure to share your intentions with me on social media, tag me on Instagram, and subscribe to my email list for VIP treatment!

Love and Light,


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