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Planting Seeds and Coming Back to my Roots!

Hello friends,

I THINK IT'S FINALLY SPRING IN CALGARY!!!!! It has been a long time coming and now here we are. I am so excited about this Spring for various reasons. This is one of those transitional seasons for people, a time when people plant their seeds, see the first bud and clean up old things to make room for the new. It's literally rebirth season and if you've been following along on Instagram/here you know that this is my rebirth year ( I decided that on my birthday last month) so I am ready to shine and feel amazing! Speaking of plants I want to talk about the roots ;) ayyyyyy I thought that was pretty clever.

Apparently plants don't instantly come up as soon as you plant them, you have to plant the seeds, have some nourishing soil, add some water and sun and of course love it! There is a lot of work that goes into change, and into growing. For myself this past year was full of growing pains, tons of different things challenging my health, my heart and my mind and I have been feeling like I go through drastic changes almost every week! After having gone through that I found a couple very important seeds that I want to grow this year and now I am tending to them as much as possible. I want these things to have strong roots and as I was thinking about that I realized one of the seeds IS roots! I know that's confusing but what I mean is I want to let my core, the things that make me myself to shine. While I have been going through those challenges I felt like I lost touch with them a bit. I know they didn't actually go anywhere but when you feel unwell and don't nurture something, it can get cold and disconnected. ROOTS. I am remembering my roots. And at the same time I am flowing with growth.

just a mermaid

Certain events have lit up these beautiful parts of me and I am so grateful for that. For example I went to a friends get together on Wednesday and my comedic, silly, fun, rapping self was out to play like you wouldn't believe! That part of me is social magic and was such a joy to feel again. I was texting one of the besties last night and my heart was full of living in our relationship. Deep love, supportive, smart and determined. That too, was an absolute joy. She grounds my Pisces ass and reminds me that I am capable of anything and strong beyond measure. This morning I saw a picture of myself from about three ish years ago and this one hit my feeling buttons hardddddd. The girl I see in the picture is made of love and sunshine to share with other people, in touch with nature, easy going, and free. That was just a couple of the little things that have been thrown my way to bring me home to myself and those qualities are part of the roots I want to remain strong and nurture for the next year. I am in love with myself and how I am always growing. It seems I am a new person every morning at times but these things are back and will grow with the new growth and bam I am going to be in full bloom. Which was one of my New Years intentions!

me in a tree

This is the picture btw! @briannadsmith

Can you tell I'm excited?! I know this post was a little different than usual but I decided that this process is important to share. I hope that you have found some gold nuggets in it. I encourage everyone to use this time of transition/growth to plant beautiful flowers inside and outside of yourselves! Working with the seasons is something I want to incorporate into my own life and so far it has been a really cool experience.

What are you planting? What are your roots? What makes you feel shiny?!! haha I love seeing your messages and Instagram pictures all about your beautiful journeys so please keep sharing!

Love and Light,


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