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Attracting the Good Stuff and Practicing a Positive Mindset

Good morning sunny human,

I went on a walk earlier (last night for you guys) and a lot of the time when I'm out and about feelings and stuff have the space to flood into my mind and sometimes it allows me to hold them with clarity and other times they like to just hang out with my brain a little. Tonight, I was focusing on one situation and letting it roll around and then I stopped and thought about gratitude. I stood there and thought about how wonderful it is that when I go for my walks I always see a differently colored sky, each equally as beautiful as the last. I thought about how I get to learn every day, drink clean water and have a place to sleep. It's easy during our days to overlook these things. Sometimes we want more or better. For example if we ask someone to get us something specific like a Crayola brand, violet, fine tip marker and they bring us a different brand marker that is still violet and fine tip and we might freak out because it isn't what we asked for. There is nothing wrong with liking specific things but if we just need a marker to write on a label, is this not enough? Anyways I am super grateful tonight and I am in love with all the amazing things big and small in my world and the people who are in it as well. BUT this post is not focused on gratitude (I already have one of those here), it is about how I have attracted these things to myself!

Manifestation and affirmations are so real for me. Whenever I put out a certain thought or energy into the world, it comes back to me in the most amazing ways. For the past while I have been giving love and receiving love in return! This has also been something I talk about all the time, even my last couple of posts will have this wrapped up into it and I am LOVING it!! This loving kindness and compassion is something that flows very naturally for me but I am coming to own it. To hold it and run with it instead of hiding. Even though it comes naturally I still am practicing it all the time. When I am faced with being hurt by other people I try to think "ok, how can I come from a place of love now?" and the more I do this, the better I get. Alright, back to the manifesting part!!! So I have been putting out all of this good stuff and although it has been coming back to me forever, the last two weeks I have been reflecting on how exactly it shows up in my every day life. I have gotten beautiful messages, emails, texts, my sister has been wanting to come on walks with me more, my body is soooooooo happy, my writing is coming from a deep and aligned place and I am meeting all the right people!!

I truly believe that the more I change the way I talk and think to be in a positive way and the more I open my eyes to it, the more I see. The best part about this is that it is not just for me or for people who are rich, healthy, smart etc. this is for everyone. Yay we can all be surrounded by love! It comes down to training your mind to think in the "positive present" and using your ability to choose your thoughts. The "positive present" involves things like affirmations. The affirmations you use that are in the now are the ones that are most powerful. So if you want a puppy, say "I have a new puppy" instead of "I will get a new puppy" and the universe will respond to that. It may take some time to really apply this if you're not used to it but once you practice, catching those negative thoughts and rewording them it will change everything and then you will be able to fine tune them to be in the present moment. Go ahead and ask for what you want because you can.

Choosing good thoughts does not mean that you will never have a bad thought or a bad day ever again. These things can happen and that is ok! Give yourself permission to feel anything you feel and it will give you a new sense of freedom. Feeling is a brave thing! This will just provide another way that you can help yourself through those rough times. I have found that with mental health, when we interrupt the negative or overwhelming thoughts it can help break that cycle. You know, the cycle of sad on sad layered with worries? Those ones. Sometimes those come out of nowhere and aren't even thoughts we actually believe. When we practice choosing a different thought in the moment we give our minds space and that space can create a gap between a depression and anxiety sandwich big enough for us to become grounded and feel like we are grounded. Those negative thoughts intrude our daily lives so it is fair game to intrude on them when they think they can take over.

I want you to know that anywhere you are, no matter what you are facing, we all have control over our thoughts. The external stuff we don't have a lot of say over sometimes but we always have the captains seat in our minds!

Send out all the good energy, the smiles and hugs and watch them come back to you in an incredible amount! I know my posts have been a little different lately but I have really enjoyed sharing in this way. It feels good to come from this natural place. If there is anything you want to see on here you know where to find me!

So grateful to all of you who come back every week, you are so lovely xoxo

Love and Light,


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