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My First Interview/ Blog Guest - Welcome Yukon to the Sunspot!!

Hello little spots,

This is amazing! I have always envisioned this space being full of stories that are not just mine and now it's a thing! Digging deep with people is totally my jam. I have this thing where I like to skip small talk in most cases and get to the goods. I want to hear about people's lives, what makes them happy and if they think pineapples are cute. I think they are. More often than not I am that person at a party having a life talk and maybe it's my love of psych or because I can only talk about the weather for so long but these are the conversations I want to have. Ever since I was a young one people have trusted me with secrets and have been open with me which is absolutely incredible to have experienced. I love to ask questions and learn! I also LOVE being asked questions. Interviews are fun for me and I am constantly interviewing myself for my bathroom...when I brush my teeth? I don't know.

Yukon enjoying sun in his sunnies :)

Cute right? Kind of like Ryan Gosling

ANYWAYS, collaborating with artists and people who share my passions is a gift!! I have always wanted to collaborate with Yukon so when he reached out to me my heart set on fire! We are fellow artists, Earth lovers, and Calgarians so really the perfect fit. He does amazing work from his YouTube channel comedies, Instagram stories, music, painting, and literally everything else he does that turns into art. So here it is, my awesome conversation with this awesome Yukon:

Sahara: Sweet!!! Alright I guess I'll start with asking you why you are passionate about mental health

Yukon: Ok! well many reasons...In this generation we are realizing the way we live in westernized society isn't always natural and lacks compassion. As a result we become depressed and anxious and suicide has become an epidemic. Having dealt with all of the above I feel it's my duty to speak out and spread awareness.

Thats a tough question haha think that sums it up though lol speak up*? haha i don't know

S: haha sorry I just went in for the kill there!! But I agree. It's super important for people to break down the stigma. I don't know about you but as an artist I feel like there are a lot of us who have experience with mental health problems and they can either fuel or wreck our work. Is that something that you have felt?

Y: Haha thats ok! It's an important question. Exactly! I think everyone struggles with some sort of mental health issue, it's part of understanding our existence. We just can't be afraid to talk about it. Art for me is a way to heal for sure. Its food for the soul when you create something. I I guess you could say it's fueled my work in that sense, yeah.

S: I think so too or at least everyone knows someone who has struggled through it. Not talking about it or hiding it doesn't help anyone! I know we've talked a little about it before but are there specific art mediums you gravitate towards when you are feeling low or anxious?

Y: Yeah true that Yeah! Painting is always nice and relaxing. As long as you don't try to force anything. Also writing is a great way to get my thoughts out when I'm feeling down. It always makes me feel better to get things out and on to paper what about you?

S: Sometimes the best and most authentic work comes out at those times too. It really adds that humanness to things. I'm big into paint when I need to see what my feelings look like if that makes sense? I'm also big into poetry and writing and of course music has always felt like a safe place for me. I felt like ASAS (the acting program we took together) was a very emotional program and encouraged me to not be afraid of vulnerability. Were there any times in the program you felt that too?

Y: Haha yeah that makes total sense. Its neat to see what you can come up with when you just let things happen, and see what your thoughts look like. Helps you understand yourself too I think.

Ya definitely! It's funny because acting classes are almost the opposite of real life. Because when you break down and show your vulnerabilities in an acting class you get applauded. Feeling that support in those situations too was very encouraging to be more open with my feelings. And I learned that opening up feels amazing, even though it is still hard to do sometimes.

S: Yes!! I always found performing to be a good outlet but when it comes to the acting classes it's a different kind of thing. We are so welcomed to embrace those parts of ourselves because they make us more in touch with our craft and when you're in daily life situations there is like this little barrier people hold that says they can't be that open because it's "too much". I would love to see more people who aren't afraid to get messy with their feelings and insecurities. It's all about the support in our lives too though because some people have amazing support systems and others don't really get to have that. Are there any people in your life that you would say make up a solid team for when you need a hand?

Y: Yes that's very true. I've been very lucky to have such an amazing support system with my family. We are all very close, even my extended family and I never take that for granted. Also friends that become family over time. I'm super grateful for all of them.

S: That's amazing!! I always feel like having that makes a world of difference because sometimes when things start to fall you can feel so lonely. Even when there are so many others around it just isn't the same as having that deeper connection. We all need help sometimes. Are you pretty comfortable with reaching out to your people or do you feel like sometimes they need to kind of crack you open?

Y: It depends who it is and what the problem is, but usually I have to be cracked open haha. I've never thought about that actually but its true, i usually need some encouragement. And I am so grateful for the people who care enough to know when I need to be cracked open. My parents were there at a crucial point in helping me realize my depression and my friend Tyler too. I never properly thanked them but it is sort of an awkward thing haha. I think they know though.

what about you?

S: It’s great that they were there and added that outside perspective for you! I’m sure they know, they can probably feel it! You know, as open as I am about having mental health things, I take a bit of figuring out I think. I don’t need to be cracked open but asking for help is something that I am working on. Usually I’ll say something vague when my friends ask how I am like “oh you know. Just not feeling on top of the game” and they’ll know I need some support. But there are a couple people who can just see it in me and I’m so happy to have them around. They are the ones who show up at my house, scrape me off the couch and give me a real hand. Do you feel like your mental health has changed a lot since you first found out about your depression?

Y: Ya right! I'm getting better at it too and thankfully I've been through the worst already. And yes definitely! Once i was aware that depression was a real thing that was harming me and needed to be faced it gave me motivation to get through it. I didn't even know I was depressed for the longest time. And it was technically situational depression, so once I got out of that situation I started healing. But honestly the moment I found out my father went through a similar thing it gave me someone to relate too, I think that's big, being able to relate, because I did feel all alone.

S: I love that so much! It’s always great to have someone that really gets it, let alone a parent. I feel like when we are younger we sometimes have these weird ideas that our parents don’t understand things like that or like they won’t be able to help as much as we want them to. I’m so glad that that awareness has helped you feel and move beyond some tough times. It’s really inspiring to hear you talk about this stuff because although I am very in tune with these things I’ve always felt like I wanted to get to know you better and spend time with you. Lol I seriously think you were one of the most calm people I have ever met and for the amount of anxiety I felt it was really nice. I want to save some stuff for our podcasts so I’m going to ask three more questions! What is one thing you can recommend someone going through a hard time? What is one weird fact about yourself? And are you excited or are you excited about our podcast baby?

Y: Haha Thanks Sahara! I love you and your energy, even with the anxiety you're still always so nice to be around. Yeah I've always wanted to talk about these experiences and I'm super excited about the podcast to talk more! For people struggling I'd highly recommend talking to a professional! Counselors and doctors and psychiatrists or whatever have been my ultimate saviors in many situations. An outside professional perspective from someone who doesn't know you is invaluable. It requires you to swallow your ego to get some help but it has helped me grow substantially. Weird FACT!? Hmm, that's tough! Well I've been getting into astrology and I've learned I'm an Aries/Taurus cusp, with an Aquarius ascending and Leo descending. It's been helpful to some extent getting to know myself. And I think I already answered the podcast question but the answer is most definitely Yes! Haha Lesss Go!

S: Thank you!! You’re so sweet and I am so grateful to have you around! Your advice is totally spot on! Especially about the ego thing. I also can’t wait to do some of my voodoo and look into your signs more lol. Thank you so so so much for getting in deep with me and I know we are going to rock this!

There you heard it people, we are having a podcast baby!!!! Both of us are so stoked to share our stories and the stories of others on there along with wellness, spirituality and all that good stuff. I really loved doing this and I'm looking forward to having more awesome interviews soon<3 It's so important for us to have the opportunity to relate to people and actively uplift each other. We are all on this beautiful planet together and this right here is the sweet stuff of human connection.

Love and Light,


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