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What is Holding you Back? + Exercise for Reflection

Hi my love,

Last month I did a ritual that involved reflection on the limitations I have been giving myself. Dang that was a good ritual. It was deeper than I expected because I allowed myself to drop in to the closed doors and storage boxes in my heart to take a look at things without judgement but curiosity. There was (and still is) a lot hiding in there that I have been putting away for a while now. What stood out to me was the fact that I have a belief that it is possible for us to heal ourselves from anything and at the same time hold limiting beliefs about my own healing journey in some ways. There are stories I tell myself that are not beneficial to my highest good and I have to work to rewrite them.

We let so much of how we live revolve around our past, our insecurities and doubts and then wonder why we feel stuck or as though we haven't made any progress (you have made progress by the way!). It is in our best interest to grow and change to be the best we can. Maybe you let your physical condition tell you that you can't enjoy things like laughter or excitement or you let self-doubt keep you from visiting with the people you love, whatever the story is, take a look at it for what it is. Acknowledge where you are at and then think beyond it. Right outside of those limiting beliefs is where the new you lives and they are ready for you!!

I thought it would be nice to leave you with a little exercise of self reflection on this topic and I hope you enjoy it!

1. Go into a room or a place that allows you to feel calm and still. Some people like outdoor spaces and others prefer a quiet spot on the couch, wherever your spot is, get comfortable. Some things that enhance the space could be lighting a candle, diffusing essential oils, crystals, wrapping up in a blanket, a nice snack or some ambient sounds.

2. When you are comfortable and sitting, take three deep breaths to ground yourself.

3. Grab your journal and start a new page. At the top write " New Stories to Tell Myself". Time yourself for at least 10-15 minutes and start writing. I always find it works best when I just let words flow whether they make sense or not. Just write. Write about things you would do if you had nothing holding you back, the things you want in life, what you wish you were doing etc. Go into detail and have fun. The most important thing is that you do not judge yourself or what you write.

4. When you finish, read it over. You may find that a lot of those things are actually obtainable and if they don't feel that way, hold onto them, wishes can come in many forms and often not the ones we imagine. Are there any things you can do on a smaller scale? Things you can save or work towards? Is there a self-limiting belief that doesn't need to be there? Take note and see what kind of positive or affirming stories you can leave in the place of the ones that are holding you back.

5. Trust that you are capable of writing your own story and you will accomplish these things. I like to do a little meditation for guidance on my next steps. After, be patient. What is meant to be yours will always find you!

This can be a great, eye-opening way to reach those stuck parts of yourself and gain clarity. If you like little exercises like this be sure to check out my new service Relationship Mentoring. I'd love to work with you!

Love and Light,


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