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How I Worked With My Anxiety this week (and why this post is late!)

Hi there,

I am soooo glad you came back because this one is a goodie. Some very exciting things have been happening over here at the Sunspot. There are some secret projects that I've started and they are my babies so naturally, I have been absolutely consumed by them. I'm talking planning things in my sleep, waking up ready to go and working dang hard. Anyways, today's fun surprise is that not only am I a brand ambassador for Feminist Apparel BUT my amazing sweatshirt has finally come in the mail! It's so beautiful and so...

well you'll see it

It is too pure. I love that this brand represents intersectional feminism and equality. They have designs from 50+ individual artists and their pieces are the most perfect conversation starters. Their online store has everything from buttons and posters to sweaters and tanks (yes there are unisex items as well!!) I am in love. I would also like to say not all designs are as explicit as mine so don't worry, you can find something for everyone (even pets and babies). If you too would like to check them out click here or on the image below.

Now to talk about anxiety a little. As I mentioned earlier I have been totally consumed by my new projects. I have found a couple things that have really helped me breathe and curb the anxiety that can come with being busy. It's important that with the holidays coming up, we learn how to take the best care of ourselves in order to be the best we can be.


I love to plan things out but sometimes the plan doesn't happen quite the way I anticipate. My biggest lesson this week was to say "this is ok, you are happily working on something else right now". It was really tough! I have so many other things that require attention and I allowed this one to just eat my whole week?! Yes. Yes I did. That could be unhealthy behaviour but the deal is I did this with awareness. One thing done really well means more to me than six half ass things and that is how I created room for myself to just breathe. These project babies are important and I want to carefully love each one and not rush it. So maybe this week let yourself go out longer, take more time to be alone, sleep in. Whatever you need in the moment go get it! Amazing results can come about when we give ourselves the space to let it happen.


If you've talked to me recently you may have heard me say this a couple times. Our bodies and subconscious are constantly talking and as someone with anxiety mine likes to talk reeeeallly fast. Like a squirrel and so I call it squirrel brain. My initial reaction is to tell it to be quiet because I am busy trying to not be anxious. Well what do ya know? Apparently if I listen to the squirrel very carefully there is some clues as to what will help my anxiety. This is not easy for me and takes everyday practice but it works. I am working to release certain habits I have when I start to panic and earlier this week I freaked out. I was upset and angry and I got mad for being mad but there was a tiny voice telling me to be patient. To understand that I am still working on myself and where I am is the right place for me right now. When I listened my body eased up and I was ready to just sit in what I felt. Be kind, it brings peace.

Be proud

Hard work feels best when it is appreciated. Did you make the best dang casserole on the block? Crush that exam? Help someone out? You can be proud of that!! I mean I give myself high fives when I put on people clothes (not sweatpants), so you can definitely appreciate any thing you did that made you happy. When my schedule fills up or I feel particularly swamped I feel best when I look back every once in a while and appreciate that I am doing something to benefit myself. Sometimes it's as easy as complimenting yourself or maybe you treat yourself a little. Do what you want!

Hopefully this gets you started in a self loving direction as the holidays come closer :)

Here is my new sweatshirt without me in it:

Feminist Apparel Sweatshirt

Love and Light,


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